[G] Another summer day [D] has come and gone away [Em] In Paris and [D] Rome but I wanna go [Cadd9] home Mm [D] mmm [G] mmm [D] [G] Maybe surrounded by [D] a million people I [Em] Still feel all [D] alone I just wanna go [Cadd9] home Oh I [D] miss you, you […]

I love how you love me

Soạn theo phần trình bài của Bobby Vinton I love how your [F] eyes close whenever you [Dm] kiss me And when I’m a- [Bb] way from you I love how you [C] miss me I love the [F] way you always treat me ten- [Dm] derly But darlin’ [Bb] most of all [C] I […]

A man without love

Origin version: [D] I can re- [Bm] member [F#m] when [D] we walked to- [Em] gether Sharing a love I [A7] thought would last for- [D] ever Moonlight to [Bm] show the [F#m] way so [D] we can [Em] follow Waiting inside her [A7] eyes was my to- [D] morrow Then somethin’ [Bm] changed her […]

Release me

Normal version with 1 tone [F] only [F] Please re-[F7] lease me let me [Bb] go For [C] I don’t [C7] love you any- [F]more [C] To [F] live a [F7] lie would be a [Bb] sin Please re- [F] lease me and [C] let me love a- [F] gain [C7] [F] I have [F7] […]

Blank Space

1. [F] Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible [Dm] things Magic, madness, heaven sent saw you there and I thought[Bb] Oh my God, look at that face you look like my next mistake [C] Love’s a game, want to play? [F] New money, suit & tieI can read you […]

All of me

[Em] What would I [C] do without your smart [G] mouth? Drawing me [D] in, and you kicking me [Em] out You’ve got my [C] head spinning, [G] no kidding, I [D] can’t pin you [Em] down What’s going [C] on in that beautiful [G] mind I’m on your [D] magical mystery [Em] ride And […]

Someone like you

1. I [A] heard that you’re settled down That you [F#m] found a girl and you’re [D] married now I [A] heard that your dreams came true Guess she [F#m] gave you things I didn’t [D] give to you Old [A] friend, why are you so shy Ain’t [F#m] like you to hold back or […]

San Francisco

1. [Em] If you’re [C] going to [G] San Fran-[D] cisco[Em] Be sure to [C] wear some [G] flowers in your [D] hair[Em] If you’re [G] going to [C] San Fran-[G] cisco You’re gonna [Em] meet some [G] gentle people [D] there 2. [Em] For those who [C] come to [G] San Fran-[D] cisco[Em] Summer […]

Trouble is a friend

1. [Am] Trouble will find you no mater where you go, oh oh[Am] No Matter if you’re fast no matter if you’re slow, oh oh The [G] eye of the storm and the cry in the morn, oh [Am] oh Your [G] fine for a while but then start to [F] loose con-[C] trol Chorus: […]

Stay with me

Intro: [Am7][F][C] x 3 Verse 1:[Am7] Guess it’s true, I’m not [F] good at a one-[C] night stand[Am7] But I still need [F] love cause I’m just a [C] man[Am7] These nights never [F] seem to go to [C] plan[Am7] I don’t want you to [F] leave, will you hold my [C] hand? Chorus: Oh, […]

Price tag

Intro: [F][Am][Dm][Bb][F] 1. Seems like every [Am] body’s got a price I wonder how they [Dm] sleep at night When the sale comes first And the [Bb] truth comes second Just stop, for a [F] minute and smile. Why is every [Am] body so serious Acting so damn my-[Dm] sterious You got your shades on […]

Why not me

1. [G] Escaping nights with-[Em] out you with shadows on the [G] wall My mind is running [D] wild tryin hard not to [G] fall You told me that you [Em] love me but say I’m just a [G] friend My heart is broken [D] up into pieces Cos I [G] know. I’ll never free […]

Mexican girl

1. [F] Juanita came to me last night and she cried [Bb] over and over Ooh, [C] Daddy I love you you know and I think it’s the [F] moonlight She [F] looked so fine, well she looked alright and she moaned, oh, Daddy move [Bb] over Oh, [C] baby you know what I like […]


[G] Our love is a-[Am] live [D] and so we be-[G] gin [Em] Foolishly [Am] laying our hearts on the [D] table, stumblin’ [G] in [Em] Our love is a [Am] flame [D] burning with- [G] in [Em] Now and then, [Am] fire light will catch [D] us, stumblin’[G] in Wherever you [Am] go, [D] […]

Needles and pins

[A] I saw her today, I saw her face It was a face I [F#m] loved, and I knew I had to run a-[A] way and get down on my knees and [F#m] pray That they’d go away and still they [A] begin Needles and [F#m] pins because of all my [D] pride, the tears […]