Lời bài hát Stay hợp âm chuẩn + Lyrics

1. [Am] Stay my love after [Dm] all these years
[G] Stay my love I can’t [C] hide my tears
[F] All the time that I’ve[Dm] spent alone
From the [E] day you are [Am] gone

[Am] And I know that it [Dm] might be strange
[G] Anyway I will [C] never change
[F] I want you in my [Dm] life again
Memo-[E] ries still re-[Am] main

Chorus: And if you [Dm] stay
[G] Yes, my love it’s the [C] only way
[F] We could dance we could [B7] dream all night
[E] I hold you so [Am] tight

For if you [Dm] stay
[G] Night and day I’ll give you [C] all my love
[F] Just the need to be [B7] you and me
[E] And let it [Am] be

2. [Am] But tomorrow is a-[Dm] nother day
[G] Baby this time don’t [C] walk away
[F] I imagine the [Dm] girl like you
Making [E] me oh so [Am] blue

Anyway I still [Dm] realize
[G] If you stay I won’t [C] miss your eyes
[F] Is there anything [Dm] I can say?
For I [E] want you to [Am] stay

[Am] Why don’t you [F] stay? [Am] Oh stay…[E] Stay

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